26 April 2005

Disciplined Breakdown: Day 2

April 26:

I'm going to make an effort to make my blog posts shorter. They tend to get long and I know you could get bored or lost in reading them, so I'll try to take things a day at a time, here.

I covered "moving shortcuts" on the last post, and that stuff already being out of the way I can simply tell you what I've done. The entire shortcuts bar (contains multiple images including a bar.bmp which is the top image, then all the shortcut images directly under it, then an end bar), the top bar and the end bar are toggle buttons that minimize and maximize the shortcut bar. However, when the whole thing minimizes, only the top bar remains. There is also a "Hover" image, which means that when I hover my mouse over the top bar it turns slightly blue because LS is using a different image for that (covered in the shortcuts section).

I fixed all of my shortcuts to go with the programs that I use. For example, the email lookin thingy goes to my email (currently iScribe), web browser goes to Mozilla Firefox, "Amp" goes to Foobar 2000 lite, Graphics goes to Gimp, the book thingy goes to OpenOffice...etc. I haven't found a new use for the topmost "terminal" button that leads to a DOS prompt currently. The method of doing this is covered in the last post. Here's a picture of what the shortcut script would look like: (click for bigger picture)


I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but since I nixxed so much of the original theme (VWM, etc), I moved all of the unused graphics into an "unused" folder. This lets me make sure the theme doesn't require any of those before I go deleting them forever. Plus, what if I want them again? It's a personal decision.

A small fix but important: When I moved windows over my clock, the clock would always go on top of the window. Bad clock! Easily fixed with "ClockAlwaysOnTop False"

Yes. These entries are backdated to when I made the changes. Deal with it ;)

Next Post: I actually did the changes in the next post on April 26th, but it deserves its own post because it's all about how I flipped the taskbar and shimmied it in between the shortcut bar and the system tray.

Yes. This is interesting to me. If it's not interesting to you...don't read it! :-P


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