18 June 2005

A Feast For Crows

Holy shit. It's done. I want to cry.


A Feast for Crows, after it was supposed to come out in April 2004...is finally done. Only not really. He decided it was way too big to put in one book because even the third book, A Storm of Swords, was a production nightmare. So he's taking out all the east and north stories and putting them into his 6th book, A Dance with Dragons.

Upshots? AFFC is done and ADWD is half done.

Downshots? AFFC is not as comprehensive as people might want, and many characters aren't even in the book. So if you're waiting for Dany, you have to wait longer. The series will also run at least one book longer, but that could be good or bad.

You can read the whole story on his website.

*is in total shock*


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