18 February 2006

Ah! My Goddess: The OAV

Ah!(Oh!) My Goddess (AMG), made in 1993 by creator Kosuke Fujishima and director Yamada Tomoaki, is an anime that I am surprised I did not watch earlier. I had heard about it from friends as being a good, fun anime. AMG is only 5 episodes long and watches more like a movie than a series, although there is an additional separate movie (which I have not yet watched but will shortly).

Poor Keiichi Morisato is a college freshman living in a strict dorm with his auto-club pals. One day he picks up the phone to order some lunch...and finds that none of the delivery services are open yet!! What ever shall hungry Keiichi do? Enter Belldandy, a goddess, who appears to grant him any ONE wish of his choice. Though he is hungry, Keiichi instead wishes that a girl like Belldandy could stay with him forever! His wish is granted, and chaos ensues! He gets kicked out of his dorm for having a girl there, and thus begins Keiichi's new life with his goddess. Belldandy's two sisters Urd and Skuld also eventually come to live with Keiichi and Belldandy through some interesting circumstances. But all is not well, for there is a secret hidden deep within a memory that could tear Keiichi and Belldandy apart forever...

How does it turn out? You'll just have to watch! This was an incredibly fun and refreshing anime. It's probably best categorized as a romantic comedy, and did a great job of knocking me out of my sorrowful mood after seeing Grave of the Fireflies. Each of the goddesses has their own unique personality. Belldandy is a caring, motherly figure, Urd is the sexy troublemaker and Skuld is the young nerdy scientist. The music was fun, but not anything great. The animation was pretty decent, mostly since this was a short anime. The plot was a little...weird...but like I said, this isn't a serious anime by any stretch of the imagination.

Plotline: Very Good
Characters: Excellent
Music: Fair
Animation: Fair

As a last sidenote, I happened to check out the commentary on the 2nd DVD. You can watch the anime with commentary from the English dub cast. While I watched the subtitled version, the commentary is really funny to listen to, and worth the time for some giggles.

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Blogger XLShadow said...

OAV: Orginal Adult Video. I didn't know you were into this stuff. :-P

So what is the deal with this OVA (same thing) stuff anyway? There is a wiki entry but I'm still confused.

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