06 January 2006

Just A Note on Mecha

Me and mecha (pronounced like mecca, mechanical anime) don't usually mix. Mecha is anime that usually involves large robots of some kind (like Gundam), and is also typically futuristic since we don't yet have anything like them.

The fact that I loved NGE is kind of extraordinary, since I usually have little taste for mecha. Actually, I very rarely watch any series that involves guns either, except for Noir and Cowboy Bebop. It's just not my style. Unfortunately, until I run out of other animes to comment on, I probably will not get to watch series like Gundam, Patlabor, or Full Metal Panic! Sorry! I have many other animes to review which I've already watched. I really do hope to someday watch these series and hopefully fall in love with them as I know many of you have.

For now, many of my reviews will be the more fantasy kinds of anime like Inuyasha, Magic Knight Rayearth, Saiyuki, etc.

Also, if anyone who actually reads these reviews have any suggestions for anime that I may not have heard of and might like, feel free to comment!


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