27 January 2006

Haibane Renmei: Thy Pedestal is High

The more I contemplate on what I might have not liked about this series, the more I realize that there isn't anything... I sound like a crazy fangirl for this series...but the raw truth is that I think I am!

What's so good? I explained a little already, but let me elaborate. Opening and closing sequences have great animation and music. The entire series has wonderful animation and music. (Have I mentioned that I question the budget for this series? No wonder it's only 13 episodes!) The plot line is not confusing, but it is intriguing and kept my interest throughout. The characters are lovable and unique, and I empathized and related with several, felt joy when they were happy and felt pain when they were hurt. I wish I had more or better words to express my feelings.

The whole series watches more like a movie really than a series. While there are opening and closing sequences, there is no preview for the next episode. It might sound weird that I mention this, but think about how much more professional it seems when you take away that preview. The animation is stunning, more like the 3 episode Read or Die movie than a regular anime series. I looked my hardest for re-used sequences, and if there were any then they fooled me pretty well. The soundtrack by Kow Otani is full of beautiful instrumentals and feeling.

What also is different about this anime is that there is no "evil guy". The only evils that any of the Haibane must combat are their own inner demons. The plot actually shifts focus slightly in the middle of the series, but it is not awkwardly conceived. It is obvious that the makers of Haibane Renmei the anime planned and organized the series very well before creating it. It's a story. A beautiful story that made me cry.

There ARE unanswered plot questions. However, unlike NGE, these leftover mysteries do not leave me feeling empty or jipped. They are proper mysteries that would ruin the experience of the anime if they simply explained it all to me.

This anime shocked me in a good way as much (or more) as Noir shocked me in a bad way. I'd like to own this anime as well as the soundtrack. I highly recommend this to anyone. It's not necessarily an action packed thriller, but it deserves your time. I'd say that the only thing I regret is the short length, but then again that's what makes it good.

Now that I've hyped it up, I hope you don't take it home and hate it. I'll just hope that others can find as much enjoyment in this series as me.

Do I really have to give it grades? Straight A's for Haibane Renmei. I'm spoiled now.


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