07 March 2008

Jewelry Board

I did lot of searching and heming and hawing over what I wanted in a functional jewelry holder. I didn't want a box because it takes up valuable desk space, can fall over, and I have nowhere to put it in my bedroom that is easily accessable. I decided I wanted a wall mounted jewelry box of some sort, but when I googled for these I winced at the pricing.

So I decided to DIY it and just use a cork-board. My original idea was to cover it in fabric and ribbon so it would look a little nicer than, well, a cork-board, but we found a half-cork half-dry board at Michael's, so that idea became rather non feasible. So here's what it became instead:

Not too shabby if I do say so myself. I wish I had taken a picture before I hung all of these up. The previous arrangement had been a giant pile of knots and cursing and screaming...and now I can at least see that I own a few pairs of earrings. The only thing I didn't put up there are my rings. Now I need a small ring-holding device..hmmm...

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