08 January 2007

The Second Time Around

So I watched Haibane Renmei again this past weekend with some friends, and this time I got to watch the dub instead. The dub was actually not half-bad, but I still largely prefer the subtitled version, as the voices in the dub became a little annoying after a few episodes. Still, it's nice not having to read my screen once in awhile.

What I figured would happen, happened. It was as good for me the second time around as the first; however, I think this is just the perfect anime for me. I think I'm a total fangirl of this anime because I enjoy the messages in it, as well as the fact that the Haibane look like little angels. It's almost as if this anime was made with me in mind. Creepy. Regardless, my friends did seem to enjoy it, but not nearly as much as me.

Still a big two thumbs up for Haibane Renmei.

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Anonymous parrots said...

I honestly blame the fact it was a dub; I've never really been able to enjoy anime in that form. Plot-wise I don't see any reason not to like it / get into it. I'm planning on going back and watching it subbed...now that we know those files have a subtitle stream.

9:33 AM  

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