09 January 2007

Lupin By Miyazaki?!

Upon reading the comment left by parrots on my last post about Nausicaa, saying how I should watch more old Miyazaki films, I decided to look up Miyazaki on IMDB. I know he has directed films like Porco Rosso and Kiki's Delivery Service among many others that I haven't watched, but what I found made me do a double take.

Hayao Miyazaki was the director of 15 Lupin III episodes!

The catch here is that there were three different versions of Lupin. The first in 1971-72 was more serious, and this is the one that Miyazaki had a hand in. This is referred to as the "green jacket" version. The second series ("red jacket", 1977-80) is what has aired on Cartoon Network, and seems to be the most popular. There is also a third series ("pink jacket",

I never liked Lupin III, but that's probably because I've only watched the red jacket series. I really want to go and find the green jacket series now!

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