03 February 2007

Trigun: Out Of DEEP Left Field

I remember seeing a few dubs of Trigun on Cartoon Network, and thinking it was another one of those silly lighthearted animes. That being said, Trigun is the only anime I can think of that completely took me by surprise. I was warned that it got much more serious halfway through, but I never expected what happened. Completely out of left field...a good left field.


Vash is an alien. A freaking ALIEN. I never expected that. I was thinking maybe he was some crazy beefed up assassin a la Bourne Identity or something. That he was one of the alien life forms used to power the plants that are used to colonize a planet just floored me. Being one of these aliens and having a twin brother that thinks completely opposite of him when it comes to perception of the human race gave Vash a depth of character that I doubt could have been achieved by other means. Not only is he cute, humorous and dashing as well as a hopeless romantic he is also brave and serious. I have to say: I <3> Trigun

Definitely a one season series I'd recommend to anyone. It's got a little bit of everything: Guns, romance, philosophy, villains, thinking, humor...name it. Even a little kitty that appears in every episode kind of like a Superman sticker or something is supposed to appear somewhere in every Seinfield episode. Oh, and I liked the kind of animation that was used. I wonder what other animes this particular animator has done....time to go do some research!

Hm. Grades.
Plotline: Excellent
Characters: Excellent
Music: Very Good
Animation: Very Good

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