02 August 2007

I Got a Button!

I've only been to two anime conventions in my life. Sad, I know, but I've been previously broke (read: in college) and anime-friendless so I have my excuses. The first was Katsucon last winter in Washington D.C. Then comes my second, Otakon.

My first comment: It didn't feel like 25,000+ people, not in Baltimore Convention Center. It was actually almost, ALMOST a little disappointing considering how much bigger it is than Katsucon. The dealers' room was bigger at Otakon but I liked the dealers' room better at Katsucon... artist's alley was bigger at Otakon too, but I didn't find anything I wanted to buy. I bought a t-shirt and two art prints at Katsucon. There were great costumes at both conventions. There were great animes showing at both. Katsucon had Peelander-Z. Otakon had Eminence.

Honestly, I can't say Otakon was BETTER than Katsucon except in one area-- my own costume.

I was Kikyo at Katsucon. I was exceptionally proud of the costume because the pants were handmade; I didn't buy them. I was sad when only one person even said anything to me and I didn't warrant any pictures. I didn't realize until I stepped out of that role that people who play Kikyos and InuYashas and Mirokus and Narutos are greatly ignored unless you do something REALLY spectacular.

That being said, my friends and I decided to do something in a group for Otakon. My boyfriend introduced me to the Sandman graphic novel series by Neil Gaiman awhile back. We looked at the costumes and figured we could pull off Dream, Death and Destiny. Two months of dedicated work later, we did.

We were all taken aback at not only how many people recognized our costumes, but how many compliments we received and how many times we were asked for pictures. There were at least two other Deaths there, neither as good as me, and no other Dreams or Destinys to speak of. We did meet a Delirium or two along the way, though. Most people recognized me first, and the most overt compliments were directed towards our accuracy and how well Destinys book was done. Curtis (Dream) got hugged by two Okamis, and I was run after by a dealer who gave me a free button that said "Death is but a doorway....here, let me hold that for you". The whole experience exceeded my wildest expectations, and I am exceptionally glad (what's with the ex-words?) that our first serious attempt at cosplay went so well!

Highlights from the con include a box of giant pocky, Speed Racer, Karin, and a last minute tidbit of information that led us to see Sundays concert- Eminence with special guest Hitoshi Sakimoto. Crazy. Oh, and my favorite costume, the poor, poor Optimus Prime.

Edit: Here is my favorite picture of myself from the con.

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