25 July 2007

Rebuild of Evangelion!?


Not only did they destroy the NERV and SEELE logos, my spidey-sense tells me that if they cannot do it right after a series, extra episodes and two movies, that this somehow, SOMEHOW a series of movies is not going to make it any better.

Rebuild of Evangelion

No seriously. Let's look at what Wiki says about this new series of movies:

Potentially Bad Things:

"A new design for Unit-01."

So one of the things that the series did right, seriously sweet, identifiable mechas that people happen to now have artbooks, tshirts, figurines and not to mention respect for...is changing?

"Several iconic scenes from the original series that have been recreated almost shot for shot, re-animated with modern digital animation techniques."

Again, Eva's animation was one of the things I DID NOT have any gripes with! Why!? And what's this "almost shot for shot" and "several" scenes? How much are they going to change?

Potentially Good Things:

"Another story change is that Kaworu will make a much earlier appearance; in the series, he was not introduced until episode 24"

Thank you! In the series all of a sudden Kaworu appears and you're like...what the...? More insight into Kaworu would be helpful.

But that's really it...

More comment as more information is available.

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