08 November 2007

Voices of a Distant Star

Voices of a Distant Star is a short film by Makoto Shinkai.

Mikako Nagamine is a school student who gets drafted to fight for the UN Space Army (UN Spacey), and she is faced with leaving behind her sweetheart Noboru Terao. As her spaceship, the Lysithea, travels into space to find and fight this group named the Tarsians, she gets farther and farther away from Earth. Text messages to Noboru are the only way to keep in touch with him. First the messages take months to reach home, and months to travel back, but as her fleet goes into warp to the Sirius System, she knows that the next message she sends will take over 8 years to get back to Earth, 16 years (at least!) for a reply. Noboru must make the decision over and over again whether to wait by his phone or get on with his life without Mikako.

It's a touching short film about distance and relationships. While watching, I recalled the years where we actually had to send real (snail mail..) letters to each other and where not hearing from someone for a day, a week, a month or even a year wasn't too abnormal. Today our communication is about "now, now, now!" We all want instant replies, instant gratification to our passing fancies and desires, and it is the same now with our communication with our friends and families. I don't see this film as a science fiction piece, but more of a piece about humanity and our endurance. While the end is vaguely reminiscent of Evangelion, it ends with what Wiki describes as a "simultaneous soliloquy" between Mikako and Noboru.

Definitely worth 24 minutes of your time!

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Anonymous parrots said...

I really liked the way they did this film. They kept it short, which I really appreciate. They had a story to tell and they told it well without dragging it on. The plot is such a simple concept but they really made it worth watching and very unique.

I wish anime series like Naruto would learn from this.

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