18 March 2008

Dear Katia

Dear Katia,

I don't know why you gave out the wrong e-mail address at the business conference you attended in Valencia. Maybe you forgot what your e-mail was...three different times. Maybe you did it on purpose, in which case that's really mean. Maybe you gave them that e-mail address in the hopes that when you went home and tried to sign up, that this e-mail would be free to take. That someone couldn't possibly have taken it. Well you're wrong. That's MY e-mail address, and now these unfortunate people from this conference are trying to contact me, and I have to regretfully tell them that I am not Katia, I am Kiera. I live in the US, not Europe. I'm sorry, but I'm not your contact.

We share a last name, so that's enough for me not to hate you, but please contact these people and let them know you made a mistake!


Kiera With Your Last Name



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