29 May 2008

Memorial Day Tasties

Memorial Day weekend was a much needed mini-vacation. We went shopping on Saturday for some things for the new apartment, chilled out on Sunday, and had a Memorial Day cookout on Monday at my parents place. My mom makes the BEST potato salad in the world (she's given me her recipe and I can never get it to turn out the same), and my dad's a pro on the grill, so that left me with dessert. I kind of made things up so the recipe doesn't really have a name..

The Nameless Dessert

12-14 Pastry shells
Vanilla Fruit Dip*
Raspberry Fruit Spread**
1 Pint fresh raspberries**
Shaved chocolate (optional)

*I used a ~15oz container of T.Marzetti French Vanilla Fruit Dip, but there's cream cheese, chocolate, etc to be had as well!
** Feel free to substitute berry-fruit of your choice. I surmise that apples and cinnamon might also be very tasty.

1. Coat the inside of each pastry shell with fruit spread.
2. Fill the rest of the pastry shell with fruit dip.
3. Arrange berries on top prettily.
4. Add chocolate shavings, if applicable.


Oh yeah and there was that other food I was talking about.

Burgers- fresh off the grill with toasted buns..mmmm!

Famous potato salad

Spicy Baked Beans

Peace out!

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