06 July 2008

Food and Fire

I still have both my hands and all my fingers, though my scalp is a little worse for the wear. Unfortunately, the weather decided not to comply with my wishes for a clear day, and we ended up skipping public fireworks due to the day long stint of scattered showers. Good thing, then, that my dad had a stash of things that we could blow up in the backyard when the rain finally disappeared around 10:30 that night.

Since the rain was in and out the whole day, we got the grilling and half our eating done before it returned. We made the best of it, especially since we had some tasty food to get us through the day!

Appetizers were guacamole and tortilla chips that I hastily put together after a strong craving for avocados, as well as fried mozz made by my brother (recipe here). 10/10 for presentation (although I took mine without onions *shudder*!)

On the grill were beef ribs and chicken pieces, done by my dad the grillmaster. Sides of corn on the cob and pasta salad with creamy italian dressing were supplied by my mom. Go teamwork!

Can you tell it was overcast?

My job was dessert - double chocolate Ghirardelli brownies with caramel topping, aside some slow churned vanilla ice cream. Thank goodness for pacing ourselves!

This week will be spent atoning for my gluttonous weekend... but it was so worth it! I'll leave you with this most excellent photo of yours truly:


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