25 August 2008

Will It Nom?: Intro

Speaking of bananas...

When I adopted my new kitty in December, I expected rambunctious, talkative, and adorably squishily cute. What I did not expect, and what I quickly realized is that she has a VERY unusual palate for a kitty. I won't spoil the fun, but there are plenty of foods or drinks that I've never before seen a cat partake of that my cat will readily eat, slurp or at least lick to death.  It makes me wonder... how far does it go?

How many various usually eccentric-for-cats foods will Cassiopeia nom? A new series is born! To compare Cass with a "normal" kitty palate, I will see also what our more conservative kitteh, Decker, will nom or not nom. Without further ado, may I introduce you to.....

Will It Nom?
(perhaps related to: Will It Blend?)

Featuring: Cassiopeia (The Wild Card)

Also Featuring: Decker (The Control)

Watch as these kitties battle it out to find the limits of their taste buds.

Stay tuned for the first episode soon to come, Will It Nom?: Bananas!

Note: Will It Nom? will never feature dangerous foods for kittehs!!



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