13 February 2007

UK Ladies Represent!

What's with all the great English ladies coming out of the woodwork and making their way onto my playlist? It's not like they're new, but they are new to me. All last summer I almost exclusively listened to M.I.A. which kept me sane while I was looking for a job. Now I'm addicted to both Lady Sovereign and Lily Allen.

Hooray sassy, independent ladies! Special props to the indie M.I.A.

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12 February 2007

Rurouni Kenshin OVA

If you don't like this anime, you're a lost cause to all anime. Rawr.

I can sum up my feelings about this 4 episode OVA pretty well.

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03 February 2007

Trigun: Out Of DEEP Left Field

I remember seeing a few dubs of Trigun on Cartoon Network, and thinking it was another one of those silly lighthearted animes. That being said, Trigun is the only anime I can think of that completely took me by surprise. I was warned that it got much more serious halfway through, but I never expected what happened. Completely out of left field...a good left field.


Vash is an alien. A freaking ALIEN. I never expected that. I was thinking maybe he was some crazy beefed up assassin a la Bourne Identity or something. That he was one of the alien life forms used to power the plants that are used to colonize a planet just floored me. Being one of these aliens and having a twin brother that thinks completely opposite of him when it comes to perception of the human race gave Vash a depth of character that I doubt could have been achieved by other means. Not only is he cute, humorous and dashing as well as a hopeless romantic he is also brave and serious. I have to say: I <3> Trigun

Definitely a one season series I'd recommend to anyone. It's got a little bit of everything: Guns, romance, philosophy, villains, thinking, humor...name it. Even a little kitty that appears in every episode kind of like a Superman sticker or something is supposed to appear somewhere in every Seinfield episode. Oh, and I liked the kind of animation that was used. I wonder what other animes this particular animator has done....time to go do some research!

Hm. Grades.
Plotline: Excellent
Characters: Excellent
Music: Very Good
Animation: Very Good

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