09 September 2008

In Ur Vacashuns

I am posting from beautiful North Myrtle Beach, SC. My white pasty geeky yankee self drove our butts down here through hurricane Hanna. Amusing, since I took the first leg of the driving because I didn't want to drive through the hurricane, even though I really didn't want to drive the DC leg... turns out I ended up driving the DC leg through the storm. Hooray!!! Mr.Curtis got to drive the last leg, which was beautiful, flat sunny weather down I-95. Rawr!

Oh well, we've been here since Saturday afternoon and though the sky keeps threatening to rain, it's been mostly sunny. We ate at an italian place on route 17 on saturday night called Benito's . The food was great (they have make your own calzones!) although a little heavy, but what was I expecting from an Italian place? Shrimp and garlic calzone, brilliant!

Sunday we ate at Johnny Rocket's, since I've been in love with that place since we ate there twice in Seattle. We were the only people in the joint when the entire waitstaff starts dancing to Splish Splash by Bobby Darin. It was legendary (did I mention I started watching "How I Met Your Mother"?).

Last night we ate at a local Irish place called Flynn's Irish Tavern. Great little homey Irish place with most excellent crab dip, Shepherd's Pie and Guinness Beef Stew. We were the youngest people there (it didn't help that we're generally the youngest people here and we were eating at 5pm, granny time), but the waitstaff was great and mmmmm Smithwick's (pronounced "Smiddicks").

So far, so good. Weather keep being your wonderful shiny self, and all will be well!


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